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Design & Assembly

Design From Start to Finish

We Study how people interact with products day to day in order to improve them, to make them easier to use, safer, more comfortable, more efficient. We take into account and apply relevant knowledge to help with this and to suggest recommendations. Applying good ergonomics together with our understanding of the users and experiences into design and production, we will be your best supplier of variety of products. Our specialists have you covered from start to finish, including covering mechanical design, electricial design, and serveral other services for your custom project. 

Design Services

  • Design Philosophy
  • From Concept to Completion
  • Tooling Design & Manufacturing
  • Plastic Molding & Injection
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Advanced Digital Prototyping

A Step Further

  • Special Materials, Costing & Finishing Design
  • Product Packaging & Graphics Design
  • Low/ High Volume Prototypes & Production Support
  • Custom Component Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Support

Cost -Effectiveness with Advanced Digital Prototyping

Skyline engineers work closely with clients to creat accurate and valid drawing of each OEM & ODM project. We help you visualize your pre-production product using the latest, high-end 3D engineering software available. 

3D Sample Drawings

3D sample drawings are enerted during the product development phase, and interactive 3D-animated digital mockups are completed for client view.

3D Renders

To give an even more realistic impression of what the product will look like, we also provide hyper-realistic 3D renders of each products.

Get a realistic impression before fabrication and production

Digital prototyping is so accurate, it is able to give you a realistic impression of how your product looks, works, and feels at a fraction of the cost. We will help you finalize your design to perfection before ordering the physical prototype. 


About us

Skyline Innovation Inc.
Founded in 1989, Skyline has evolved from a designer and manufacturer of computer accessories to a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of custom,various solutions for OEM & ODM, custom monitor arms and foot rests, CPU stands, keyboard drawers, and integrated accessories.

E-Mail: sales@skyline.com.tw

Tel: +886 2 8260 2009

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