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Materials & Styles

Your Choice of Materials, Colors & Styles

Along with custom labelling options, Skyline can customize your unit to reflect the materials, colors, and styles that identify your specific brand.

Choose Your Own Materials

Matals Other Materials
·    Aluminum
·    ABS
·    Brass 
·    Acetal 
·    Bronze 
·    Acrylic 
·    Cold Rolled Steel 
·    Carbon Fiber
·    Copper 
·    Fiberglass 
·    Galvanized Steel 
·    Nylon 
·    High Strength, Low Alloy, Steel 
·    Plastic 
·    Hot Rolled Steel 
·    Polycarbonate 
·    Sheet Metal 
·    Polystyrene 
·    Spring Steel
·    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) 
·    Stainless Steel 
·    Sterling Silver 
·    Teflon 
·    Titanium 
·    Zinc 

Custmoize Your Own Styles

At Skyline, we know that branding is more than just a logo on a faceplate - it is the aesthetics and overall feel of the product that fill in the rest of the picture. To support this level of customization, we offer an array of tools and capabilities for your convenience: 




·    Aluminum Casting & Extrusion

·    Liquid Web Paint

·    Brazing - Removing materials from metallic strips or blank areas

·    Electrochromic Paint

·    Embossing - Raised, sunken, or relief designs & patterns

·    Latex Paint

·    Metal Blanking - Punching, cutting, or shearing stock metal materials, usually in preparation for additional design processes

·    Oxidative Cure Coatings

·    Metal Stamping - Forming strip or sheet metals using extreme pressure

·    UV Curing Paints

·    Notching - Removing materials from metallic strips or blank areas 

Powder Coating

·    Press Braking - Bending, blanking, corrugating, curling, notching, perforating, piercing, or punching metals 

·     Epoxy -  Tough, chemically resistant material

·    Punching - Frming metal components 

·     Hybrid - Similar

·    Roll Forming - Creating shaps and contours 

·     Polyurethane - Polyester Urethane, exterior durable, thin film

·    Shearing - cutting metals 

·     Acrylic -  Durable and resistant material

·    Welding - Joining metals, including grinding, polishing, filling voids, preparation and priming for painting or other designs processes

·     PVDF -  Polyvinylidene Flouride, or " Kynar" - highly- durable commerical resin




·    Injection Molding


·    Vacuum Forming


·    Thermo Forming


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